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Cineforum: Viaggio Sola

Viaggio Sola High class hotel critic, Irene, spends most of her time writing detailed reports about what the hotel staff is doing wrong.  This 2013 comedy-drama film, directed by Maria Sole Tognazzi,  won a “Nastro d’Argento” award for Best Comedy. After the viewing there will be a light reception for...

Early Registration for the 2015 Spring Quarter

Registration is now open for the Spring quarter’s Italian courses. From now until February 15th there is an early registration discount, so hurry and register today to sign up for your next Italian class! There are classes at all levels.  For absolute beginners, there’s a Basic 1.  For returning students or new students with prior study, there...

Italian Wine Intensive at Sentieri Italiani

Learn the fine art of wine tasting how to pair with foods, while sipping your way through the wine regions of Italy! Join Italian-trained wine sommelier Annie Shapero for an afternoon of Italian-wine education! After eight years in Italy, Annie now heads up DiVino, a wine tasting events and consulting...

Private Italian Lessons on Skype™

Become fluent with Sentieri by combining language and culture using the conversational approach. Italian private lessons can be done in the comfort of your own home via Skype™ with one of our highly qualified instructors.

Give the Gift of Language

Gift certificates for Sentieri Italiani make the perfect gift for the Italophile in your life. The certificates are flexible and can be used for language classes, book clubs, cultural events, film nights and tours.

Interpreting and Translation Services

Sentieri can assist with your organization's Italian interpretation and translation needs. Our services span both general and specific language such as commercial, business and legal language from Italian to English and vice-verso.
To learn the language of Italy you need to embrace the culture.
To understand the culture of Italy you need to have a grasp of the language.

Sentieri Italiani has created an environment where language and culture converge — offering individuals and businesses a variety of programs and services ranging from Italian language classes to learning about the many facets of the Italian culture from food and wine, to literature and film, to art, history and lifestyle. An inviting environment where you can gain knowledge of all that Italy has to offer — whether your desire is to study the beautiful language of Italy or to learn about the country’s rich, multi-faceted culture. Sentieri Italiani is the place to take Italian classes and learn about Italian culture.

Prego, we invite you to take a look at the many paths that Sentieri Italiani has created to connect you with Italy.