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Sentieri Members, students, and guests learning how to make various stuffed pasta dishes at one of our business partner restaurants, Spacca Napoli.

Sentieri members and students at a co-sponsored event with business parter Spacca Napoli.

Sentieri Italiani has created an environment where language and culture converge. We offer individuals and businesses an array of classes and services ranging from language courses to programs that explore Italian culture, from food and wine to literature and film, from art and history to lifestyle. Whether your desire is to study the beautiful Italian language or to dive into the country’s rich, multi-faceted culture, Sentieri Italiani is an inviting setting in which to explore all the delights of Italy.

We would like to offer your business an opportunity to partner with Sentieri Italiani. It’s a win-win situation:

• When you offer our select group of paying members a discount — the amount is up to you — you will start seeing them regularly. (We’ll give you a sample card you can use to check against our membership cards when they are presented to you for the discount.)

•  We’ll display your promotional materials at our school, where they’ll be available to our students and to drop-ins.

•  We will link your business to ours on our website.

•  You will automatically become a member of Sentieri and can take advantage of all the benefits that come with membership.

•  We can work with you to co-sponsor events, as we’ve done with some of our partners.

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If you would like to become a business partner of Sentieri, please complete the form below.  Leave a message at 872.202.4639 or via email at to answer any questions you may have about a partnership with Sentieri Italiani.

We look forward to working with you!

Best wishes,

Daniela Cavallero
Founder, Sentieri Italiani

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