A Holiday Inspired Expression

Natale con i tuoi; Pasqua con chi vuoi. “Christmas with your parents and Easter with whomever you want.” We are about to enter the holiday season.  For some, that means getting ready to celebrate with our families, exchange gifts and cook delicious, extravagant meals that will keep us full until Spring.… Continue reading

Want to practice your Italian beyond the classroom?

La pratica vale più della grammatica. English translation: Experience is the best teacher. As much as we love our classes here at Sentieri, the best way to practice and perfect your Italian is with real hands-on experience.  Whether it be conversing with Italians in your daily life, watching Italian news’… Continue reading

A Motivational Italian Idiom

« Hai fatto 30, fai 31. » Literal Translation: “You did 30, do 31.” Meaning: Go the extra mile This idiom dates back to the year of 1517 when Papa Leone X was naming a group of cardinals.  While believing he had a group of only 30 cardinals to name, there… Continue reading

Italian Idiom «Tra il dire e il fare…»

«Tra il dire e il fare c’è di mezzo il mare» Translation: “An ocean lies between what is said and what is done.” English equivalent: “Easier said than done.” With the use of a vast ocean, this Italian idiom adds another level of how easy it is for us to… Continue reading