Cineforum 2020 • February 29th • Sono Tornato

Sono Tornato (I’m Back)

Directed by Luca Miniero


Mussolini is back — at least in the film Sono Tornato (I’m Back). The third-highest grossing movie during its opening weekend, the film has raised questions about Italians’ tendency to forget the lessons of history and the enduring appeal of right-wing politicians in the country. The film is based on the German book and film Look Who’s Back in which Hitler was the protagonist

In 2017 Rome, Benito Mussolini (Massimo Popolizio) falls from the sky in front of the Alchemical Door. As he wanders through the city, disoriented and believing it still to be 1945, and he interprets modern situations and things from a Fascist perspective.

Meanwhile, filmmaker Andrea Canaletti (Frank Matano) is fired by the television station MyTV, for which he was filming a movie in front of the Alchemical Door, and despondently decides to watch the movie he had been filming for MyTV and spots Mussolini in the background. He decides to search for him in the hope of getting his job back and, after some time, he is able to find him.

Canaletti (and others) believe Mussolini to be just a comedy actor and he and Mussolini agree to travel together across Italy. Canaletti wishes to make a documentary that may lead him to success, while Mussolini wants to assess the Italians’ mood in the hope of one day returning to power.

NOTE: The film is in Italian with ENGLISH subtitles.

After the viewing there will be a light reception for a discussion of the film.

Official trailer:

Saturday, February 29, 2020 •  4:00 – 6:30 p.m.

Sentieri Italiani • 5430 North Broadway • Chicago, IL 60640

Call  773.275.5325  or  Email

$10 with member discount • $15 general admission

Cash or check in hand by February 27, 2020

Or $20 at the door, last-minute seating, cash only

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