Lovers of Italy Welcome!

Sentieri Italiani welcomes all with open arms to participate in our many Italian social and cultural activities. Join us for:


Enjoy movie night at Sentieri Italiani featuring the latest Italian films, many of which have not yet been released in the U.S. Viewing is followed by a lively discussion of the film in Italian while indulging in a little wine and antipasti. Brush up on your Italian while taking in the sights and sounds of Italy without leaving Chicago!

View Upcoming and Past Cineforum Screenings Here

Happy Hour

Stop by Sentieri Italiani for happy hour — Ora Felice! There is nothing that Italians love more than good conversation, fine wine and scrumptious antipasti. Mingle Italian style!

Regional Dining

Let Sentieri Italiani take you on dining excursions throughout Chicago to uncover some of the best Italian restaurants the city has to offer, and along the way learn about the regional cuisines of Italy. Discover the tastes of Abruzzo and Emilia Romagna, the ingredients of Toscana and Puglia, and the wines of Liguria and Friuli Venezia Guila.

Cultural Events

Learn about everything from wine and olive oil to art and poetry or how to obtain Italian Citizenship. These events frequently feature a guest speaker or presenter. Sentieri has been host to Italian poets, history professors and wine sommeliers. Can’t make it to Italy? Let Sentieri Italiani bring it to you!

View Our Upcoming and Past Events Here

Holiday Party 2023  •  Anna Maria Pasteria
(Click the above image for photo highlights)

Tombola Party • Bella ‘Mbriana

Cena Pugliese • Via Veneto

a & m 6

Cena Basilicata • Anna Maria Pasteria

Festa di Natale 2016

Festa di Natale • 2016

 Sentieri Events - Antica Pizzeria Cena Siciliana

Cena Siciliana • Antica Pizzeria

Cena Ischitana 27 agosto 2016

Cena Ischitana • 27 Agosto 2016

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