Food Through Art

La Lingua La Vita, in partnership with Sentieri Italiani, Presents

Food Through Art

Saturday, February 20, 2021

1:00–3:00 p.m. Central Standard Time
Presented in English


The love of food has always played a leading role in the highest artistic expression. It’s contemplated in painting, sung about in opera, carefully described in literature and made visible to all in cinema. Our journey will begin in ancient Rome with Petronius’ tale, The Satyricon. Passing through Boccaccio’s Strada di Bengodi, we’ll travel through medieval painting (Benozzo Gozzoli’s history of St. Frances) and the painting of the Renaissance (Arcimboldo). We’ll discover the first still lifes of Caravaggio, arrive at Guttoso’s Vucciria, listen to Giuseppe Verdi’s opera and love of good food, and finally, enjoy a taste of the Macaroni Timbalo in The Leopard and Mario Ruoppolo’s recipe from Il Postino.

This workshop will be presented by Stefania Belli, director of the institute of Italian language and culture, La Lingua La Vita. Ms. Belli is a graduate in Language and Foreign Literature of the IULM University of Milan. She founded La Lingua La Vita more than 30 years ago, spurred by a love and passion for languages as an expression of a people, their traditions and history and, ultimately, as treasures that recount the evolution of society and the adventures of individuals. In addition to teaching and creating courses and cultural programs for La Lingua La Vita, she has taught in the U.S. at Penn State University, La Scuola Italiana in New York City and La Lingua La Vita in Long Beach, California.

Grazie to Stefania and Daniela for getting this Zoom group of participants
from all over the U.S., as well as the world, together!
An interesting time was had by all!


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