Italian Word of 2013: Crisi

As we move on into the New Year, many of us have been left reflecting on the old one. We’ve read dozens of articles and blog posts, recounting the best and worst of 2013, the most memorable events, the lessons learned.

Of course, one way to reflect on the most relevant issues of the past year is to look at how language was used. In America, it was selfie  that was named the word of 2013. In Italy, though, crisi.

In a survey conducted by La Repubblica, readers voted this word as the most representative of 2013.

And it’s true that in Italy, there have been a number of recent crises. There’s the recession and the financial crisis. There’s the work crisis (in Bologna, in only five years, unemployment has increased over 120%). There’s the political crisis (Berlusconi, anyone?), the health crisis (many families go without health services), the social crisis (the growing disparity between the North and the South, the rich and the poor), and the crisis of values (the continuation of hatespeech and various other atrocities perpetuated on the internet).

La Repubblica  calls 2013 un anno da dimenticare (“a year to forget”). Here’s to hoping that 2014 is better.

For those who read Italian, the full article is here.

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