Naples Makes the World’s Longest Pizza!

tab-fo-longest-pizza08jpg.jpg.size.custom.crop.1086x725Not too long ago, the city of Naples won a world record.  What did they do exactly?  That’s right, they made the world’s longest pizza!

Naples is the birthplace to the famous Neapolitan style pizza or as Italians like to probably call it, real pizza.  So naturally speaking, making the world’s longest pizza in Naples shows a sense of pride.  But it was also to break the current record of a 1,595 meters long pizza pizza baked during Milan’s food-themed Expo in 2015.


An article in the Daily Mail writes that with the help of five rolling ovens, Neapolitans successfully prepared a 40 cm wide and two kilometer long pizza last month.  They went through two tons of flour, two tons of mozzarella, 1,500 kg of tomato sauce, 200 litres of oil, and 30 kg of fresh basil.  In addition to being an abnormally long pizza, this pizza, unlike the one in the Milan Expo, was prepared the traditional Neapolitan style to reflect the city’s dedication to promote their culture through gastronomy.

 It took some 100 chefs 11 hours to make the entire pizza and it was showcased along the coastline of Naples .

Why not try your hand at making Italian pizza?  No, you won’t be trying to beat the record for world’s longest pizza, but you will get a lesson from head chef at Antica Pizzeria, before making your own!  Come say “buon appetito” with us on Sunday, July 24th! Registration due in advance so sign up today!

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