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Gift certificates for Sentieri Italiani make the perfect gifts for the Italophiles in your life. The certificates are flexible, so they can be used for language classes, book clubs, cultural events, film nights and tours. The recipient can choose the Sentieri experience that they want and you know that you’ve given the gift of language and culture.

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What people are saying about Sentieri’s gift certificates —

“I found out about Sentieri Italiani by receiving a gift certificate from a client who remembered me saying how much I would love to speak Italian fluently and I am so grateful that he chose the school that he did. Sentieri Italiani’s technique of teaching is the best that I have ever experienced. I have made several attempts in my life to learn a new language but have always hit a point where it became too complicated or boring feeling like I was simply memorizing grammar. What I love about Sentieri is the conversational and interactive process once the basics are learned which helps you learn the language in a natural, permanent, and enjoyable way. I am speaking more fluid and naturally than I ever have and the ease with which the language comes makes it that much more fun and exciting. I highly recommend this course for anyone that wants to lean and love the Italian language.”

— Ted Mortellaro, Basic 4 student at Sentieri

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