For the Venice Tour Participants Only….

Experience the Beauty of Venezia and the Decadence of Carnevale 

with Sentieri Italiani of Chicago

Carnevale in Venice is the purest example of the perfect
meld of tradition, culture and entertainment, all in one,

offering a chance of fun for visitors of all ages.

The Carnevale di Venezia dates back to the beginning of the 10th century. At that time, people enjoyed the last days before Lent, entertaining themselves and experiencing the pleasures and joys of Venice to the max. During these days of celebration and total relaxation, Venetians had the okay to wear a mask, so the nobles mingled with the working class while wearing costumes and other artifices.

Today, Carnivale attracts visitors from all over the world. It’s nearly impossible to find accommodations because everything is booked months in advance. The rates soar and people rush to book their rooms.

Sentieri Italiani has secured the highly-rated, deluxe, four-star Venice Hotel Savoia & Jolanda near Piazza San Marco for what’s sure to be an unforgettable week in La Serenissima!

Celebrate Carnevale with Sentieri ~ February 12–19, 2023

Price of Tour Includes:

• Seven nights at Venice Hotel Savoia & Jolanda
• Breakfast Daily
• Guided tours with our English-speaking guide, Alvise:
~ Venezia Classica
~ The Hidden Treasures of Venice
~ All-day Tour of the Islands by Private Boat
• Three dinners at select restaurants
as well as an Apericena at Osteria al Ponte
• Vivaldi Concert
• Serata di Carnevale
• Mask-making workshop at Sogno Veneziano

This section is for those who have already made a deposit.


• Double accommodation @ Remaining Balance $1,217

• Single accommodation @ Remaining Balance $2,459

PLEASE NOTE: The remaining balance is due no later than December 20, 2022.

Download the registration form here: Venice 2023 Registration form

For more information call 872.202.4639 or email


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