Find Your Roots

Are you looking to create a family tree? Searching for where your great-grandparents came from? Looking to obtain Italian Citizenship? Need to know if you’re eligible? No matter what you’re seeking, Sentieri Italiani can help with your search.

Genealogy Services

Sentieri Italiani can help trace your roots and find your family in Italy by putting you in touch with services specializing in research from your family’s region of Italy.

Sentieri will happily assist with arranging a customized travel plan to visit your family’s hometown and to meet your Italian relatives, and if you should need us to, a staff member will accompany you as your personal guide and interpreter.

Obtaining Italian Citizenship

Sentieri Italiani offers expert translation of the official documents necessary to apply for your citizenship. Sentieri’s new affiliate, “Italian Citizenship Assistance” (ICA), offers its services for document procurement as well as general consultation on eligibility and the dual citizenship process.

For any questions or to apply, please email Lisa at ICA (be sure to mention Sentieri for special pricing):

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