The Cafès of Turin

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Torino and Its Historic Cafès

Sunday, January 30, 2022

11:00 a.m.–12:30 p.m. Central Time
Presented in English

Time seems to have stopped in the era of horses and carriages in some places in Torino. It is exactly this atmosphere in which one breathes in the city’s historic cafés, the old 18th-century gathering points where one can enjoy the pleasures of the Piemontese capital. Some of these were nightspots frequented for years by the Savoy nobility — others were the meeting places of intellectuals, writers and politicians of the Risorgimento.

Distinguished by a timeless fascination and elegance, Torino’s historic cafés are a mandatory stop for anyone who visits the city as well as for those who know it well. Here in the midst of antique mirrors, flocked wallpaper, porcelain plates and marble tables you can savor the traditional delicacies of the city and take a little trip through time.

Some of the most famous Torinese specialties were born in these cafés — the bicerin, a hot drink made with coffee, chocolate and cream — gianduiotti, chocolates in the shape of little overturned boats. Don’t miss the opportunity to savor the chocolate indulgence of Torinese Merenda Reale, a tradition born in the 1700s at the Savoy court. Or perhaps you’d rather enjoy an aperitivo with the famous vermouth that was invented in Torino in 1786, thanks to Antonio Benedetto Carpano.

Meet Our Guide

My name is Piermaria. I was born near Turin and grew up in Piedmont in the north of Italy. I studied English, French, German and Spanish at a language school for interpreters in Turin. I then worked for many years as an interpreter and translator and also taught languages in private companies, schools and vocational training courses.

In 2009, I decided to become a professional tour guide in the Piedmont region and I’ve been working as a tour guide ever since. In recent years I have also started taking people on hiking tours in the wonderful landscape of the wine region where I live.

I really love my job. Thanks to it, I can live most of my passions together at the same time. I’m curious and always willing to learn and discover something new. I’m a people person and passionate about art, travel, culture and nature. I also appreciate good cuisine — I’m a foodie and in Piedmont, we are never short of excellent wine and food!


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