Spring Cineforum Review

Cineforum at Sentieri

On Satruday April 25th, Sentieri held its Spring Cineforum.  A mix of Sentieri students and non-students came to watch Allacciate le cinture directed by Ferzan Ozpetek.

Sentieri’s President, Daniela, started off the event with a brief presentation about the director, his films, and how Sentieri has screened some of his films for previous Cineforum events.

The film starts off with a young woman who meets a stubborn and rude man only to find out that him and her best friend are dating.  From there, the movie goes in several different directions .

While the movie was in Italian, we played it with English subtitles so that everyone could understand the dialogue.  locandina

After the movie, the audience participated in a discussion over wine, cheese, and other delicious refreshments.  The discussion topics were varied.  Daniela began the discussion and then the participants took over.  Some spoke in Italian and some spoke in English. Overall, this Cineforum event was a great success for everyone of all levels of Italian and especially for people interested in Italian cinema.

Do you want to see more Italian films or more films by Ozpetek?  Become a Sentieri member today and take advantage of our film library and reduced prices to upcoming events like Cineforum.


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