In Remembrance: Sentieri VP, Luna Cavallero

Luna Cavallero (2002–2020) crossed over the Rainbow Bridge on Monday, August 17, 2020. She was the longtime companion of Sentieri Italiani’s founder and president, Daniela Cavallero. Luna often accompanied Daniela to the Italian classes held at the school and quickly wormed her away into the hearts of students and teachers alike. She was trilingual, understanding Italian, English and German (a Dachshund’s native tongue). Luna enjoyed the company of many people, dogs and cats. She also had a fondness for some of the finer things in life (expensive food, spa visits at the vet, etc.) — yet somehow managed to maintain her girlish figure. Luna’s big spirit will be thoroughly missed by all who knew her.


Sharing a Memory of Luna


Luna Cavallero and I were friends for about 15 years at the WPCA, where we both lived, and at Sentieri, where I concentrated on trying to understand Italian novels and she on trying to ascertain what treats on the table were worth eating. Scones and muffins seemed to be her favorites. (Like her mother, she wasn’t fond of sugar.) Once she’d exhausted the supply, by working over my classmates with her soulful, begging eyes, she would wash the food down with the frothy foam from the cups of those of us who were drinking cappuccino.

Early in our relationship I agreed to play Luna-sitter when Daniela was called out of town. According to instructions, I was to allow Luna to sleep in Daniela’s bed with me. However, once she was asleep, I thought it would be safe to return to my own apartment to check on my cat. After all, how much trouble could she get into? The next morning I found the answer: She had scratched both the hall and the back doors to such an extent that they needed to be replaced.

Luna might have been the runt of her litter when she was rescued by Daniela, but make no mistake, “runt-ness” did not dictate her personality. Somehow, she missed the memo that dogs have owners and cats have staff. She used us, she ruled us, and we loved her for it.

Look for a new scholarship to be established in Luna’s memory in the very near future.


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