Sentieri’s Business Partner Spotlight: Visage Joli

Sentieri’s Business Partner Spotlight on:

Visage Joli


A special offer for the month of April:
A New You!

Ladies would you like to see an enhanced and natural version of yourselves ? You can learn to apply refined, contemporary makeup from Wendy Kimmel of Visage Joli and WBBM TV in a 90 minute detailed private lesson. Lessons can be at your home or at the Visage Joli home studio.

You will learn how to use professional brushes and Wendy will let you know what to keep from your personal makeup collection. You will also learn a day to evening transformation.

Have fun & rediscover yourself with Wendy !

$100 off the regularly priced $200 private lesson for Sentieri students and members. Just mention “Sentieri” for your discount. Discount available until 12/31/2014.

Want to be a Sentieri Business Partner? Find out more here.

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