Divino Makes Another appearance

Last weekend, Annie Shapero of DiVino in New York made another special appearance at Sentieri Italiani for a fun and informative wine intensive!IMG_2112

Italy is home to a number of great wines.   To give us a general in depth overview on Italian wines, Annie shared with us five wines, each from a different regions.  In addition, to enhance the tasting even further, Annie provided us an assortment of aromas like lemons, flowers, fennel, and many others.  These aromatics helped with noting different flavors in wines and also helped with making wine pairings.

The wines we tasted were a San Salvatore Fiano (2013) from Campania, a Terreliade Nero d’Avola (2012) from Sicily, a Grimaldi Dolcetto D’Alba (2012) from Piedmont, a Terlano Mueller Thrugau (2013) from Alto Adige and lastly a Faggeto Prosecco from Veneto.

Screen Shot 2016-05-17 at 17.24.57

To help students understand the wine tasting and the vocabulary that accompanies it, a handout was given to everyone that highlighted the 3 senses used in wine tasting – sight, smell, and taste and within each sense, a list of aspects that go with each sense such as color, intensity, and acidity.

IMG_2114 IMG_2115

Overall, the wine intensive class went great and everyone walked out of the classroom with a deeper understanding on wine tasting.  It is always a pleasure to have Annie Shapero come all the way out to Chicago to share her knowledge with us at Sentieri.

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