Italian Teaching Methods

Recently, we came across a journal by the ALL (Association for Language Learning),  to which Dr. Daniela Cavallero (president of Sentieri) contributed an article about her experiences as an Italian professor.  What she wrote defines her teaching approach:

When it comes to teaching a language, teaching the culture must follow.  Even though teaching grammar helps us learn the structure of the language, learning about the culture will help us communicate effectively with people from different places.

La competenza culturale diventa, perciò, una condizione necessaria per la socializzazione e la lingua lo strumento di interazione ed integrazione.  – Daniela Cavallero

Conversation Class at SentieriAs Daniela says, being familiar with the culture of the target language is necessary in order to socialize with the people of that country on their level.  Knowing the language helps the socialization process by enabling one to interact with the locals and to integrate oneself into that culture.

Italy is well-known for its glorious past such as the powerful Roman Empire and the Renaissance period that was the gateway to new ideas, art, and inventions.    While focusing on the past is great, Daniela wants to show her students what Italy is like today.  That includes talking about the current culture, people’s daily lives, family, free time, gastronomy, and the cultural differences among the many regions.  She achieves this and more and successfully incorporates the linguistic aspect into her teaching.


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