A bit about the Italian actress, Paola Cortellesi

Italian film ScusCineforum_Scusate_Fotoate se esisto brings out controversial themes such as gender roles.  Architect Serena Bruna works at a restaurant in Rome.  After discovering a new architectural renovation project that she could work on, she happily threw in a bid.  However, in this male dominated field, taking on this project as a female is unlikely to happen.  How does Serena fight for what she wants?

From an Italian cinema page, comingsoon.it, Serena Bruna is played by the Italian actress Paola Cortellesi.  Cortellesi was born in Rome in 1973 on November 24th and when she was a teenager, she entered in the world of show business as a singer for Cacao meravigliao (1988).  Afterwards, she began her career in television with her first television show Macao (1997/98).  She has starred in many Italian films such as Sotto una buona stella and Paola_Cortellesi_2Femmine contro i maschi.

Paola Cortellesi has won awards such as the David di Donatello for best actress.  She is now married to Riccardo Milani, the director of Scusate se esisto and they have one child.

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