Daniela Cavallero’s Interview on RAI

Daniela Cavallero, Sentieri’s founder, was recently interviewed by Francesca Alderisi, the host of the talk show called “Cara Francesca” on Italy’s RAI TV.  On her show, Francesca speaks with fellow Italians living abroad about their experiences outside of Italy.Cara_Francesca

As some of us may know, Daniela has quite a story.

As she tells Francesca, Daniela was born and raised in Casale Monferrato in the Piedmont region in northern Italy.  (In fact, Francesca points out Daniela’s northern accent in the interview).  In the interview, Daniela talks about her study of English literature at the University of Pavia and about how she eventually left Italy for the United States and a new life abroad.


Daniela in front of Sentieri Italiani

When Daniela came to the United States, she studied American Studies in Massachusetts and then moved to Chicago to teach Italian at DePaul University. But, as she tells Francesca, she also dreamed of opening her own Italian language school in Chicago. And in 2005, she did it, even as she continued to teach at DePaul.

Francesca was pretty impressed by that accomplishment and by Daniela’s passion for bringing the Italian language and culture to life in Chicago.

Daniela teaches Italian to a wide range of students including Italian-Americans who want to reconnect with their roots, people who study music or theater and need the language as part of their performance, and people who are simply interested in the Italian language.  Whatever the reason for the interest, Daniela loves to teach her students her native language and culture.

It really comes through in this interview that for Daniela, teaching Italian is more than a job: it’s a calling. She is dedicated to helping you learn her beautiful language. If you are ready to learn from one of the most energetic, devoted, entertaining, and effective Italian professors in Chicago (if not, the world!), sign up for our Fall classes!

You can click here to see the episode of Cara Francesca.



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