Piedmont Travel Log – Day Ten

Today began with a visit to the cellars of Rocche dei Manzoni d’Alba – known for their Barolo.  A guide took us through this vineyard’s wine making process while touring the cellars.  The visit concluded with a tasting of a Valentino Brut spumante and a Barolo. We then went to lunch in the city of Monforte d’Alba.  The restaurant Osteria dei Carari was opened just for our group and they provided a delicious menu:
Thin sliced veal with shaved parmigiano
“Plin” Ravioli stuffed with meat and vegetables
A cardoon gratin with melted cheese
Semifreddo with crumbled biscotti and caramel

After lunch, we made a stop at the city of Alba for a guided tour. We visited landmarks of its very long history from its Roman ruins to a modern-day art exhibit in a re-purposed church.

Cellars of Rocche dei Manzioni di Valentino

Cellars of Rocche dei Manzioni di Valentino


Barolo and Prosecco tasting


Truffles for sale in Alba

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