Piedmont travel log – day two

The day’s activities began with a visit to the Paleologus Castle. There we visited a special exhibit by a private collector of all things Sergio Leone (famed director of the Spaghetti Westerns) on the 25th anniversary of the director’s passing. In the afternoon there was a truffle hunt, where, after finding five black truffles and two white with Zara the truffle dog, there were various truffle tastings. This evening’s dinner was at the elegant Filarmonica, once home to nobles of Casale. The dinner was complemented by a live piano player and a birthday celebration of two of the tour participants. The menu for this event:
Gnocchi with cream sauce
Roast pork on a purée of cannelli beans
Bunet – a typical Piedmontese chocolate dessert
Along with the meal were Grignolino and Gavi wines.


At the Sergio Leone exhibit.

Day 1 (October 18th, 2014)

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Day 3 (October 20th, 2014)

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