Victorious Vino: Italy Takes the Lead in Becoming the World’s Largest Wine Producer in 2015

Italy is known, of course, for its delicious cuisine, its rich history,and its beautiful art. But let’s not forget its magnificent wine. 2015 was a banner year for Italian wine as Italy surpassed France in becoming the world’s largest wine producer, according to European Union data


How did it happen? In an article in the International Business Times, Umberto Bacchi writes that a key factor was the weather during 2015.  While France suffered from a heat wave and a lack of rain, just across the Alps the Italian peninsula had great weather conditions, which resulted in a great harvest.

Italy produced a total of 48.8 million hectoliters of wine,— about 1.29 billion gallons — which is 13% more than the year before.  Because of weather conditions, France’s total was down 1% from the previous year, to 46.4 million hectoliters.  The title “world’s top wine producer” takes into account quality as well as quantity of wine produced.  In fact, Ferrari (Trentodoc), was named sparkling wine producer of the year — a prestigious award.  Congratulations to the Italian wine industry for a job well done!

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