San Valentino….Who is he?

Valentine’s day is just around the corner, which means chocolates, roses, and of course…AMORE!

Valentine’s Day is a fun day for many couples.  But where did this day even begin?  Who was Saint Valentine?  Time’s 6 quick facts about Valentine’s Day  article provides surprising information about this special day.  Most importantly, Saint Valentine, or San Valentino, is in fact an Italiano!  San Valentino, who was often associated with courtly love, and many other Valentino Saints were honored on February 14th in Roman tradition.

For this Valentine’s Day, leave the chocolates at the store, and  give your significant other the gift of learning a Romance language.  Purchase a gift certificate to Sentieri before it’s too late!

Give the gift of language

Give the gift of language with a gift certificate to Sentieri Italiani!

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