San Valentino….Who is he?

Valentine’s day is just around the corner, which means chocolates, roses, and of course…AMORE! Valentine’s Day is a fun day for many couples.  But where did this day even begin?  Who was Saint Valentine?  Time’s 6 quick facts about Valentine’s Day  article provides surprising information about this special day.  Most importantly, … Continue reading

Italian Language and Cultural Learning

If you need a crash course before your trip to Italy, or want an introduction to the Italian language and culture, this is the class for you. A six hour course provides learners with a linguistic and cultural overview. Students will learn basic vocabulary and language structures that will help them … Continue reading

Sentieri Italiani Invites You To: "È Sempre La Solita Zuppa” – February 10, 1-4 pm

A cultural and culinary presentation on Italian soups hosted by the President of the Slow Food® movement chapter of Brittany, France, will give a brief historical, social and culinary excursus of Italian farmers’ tradition. We will also sample three different soups from three different Italian regions. Registration Registration and payment … Continue reading